We’re producing natural goods

Specializes in Exporting
Raw Coconut

We’re producing natural goods

Agriculture &
Organic Products

We’re producing natural goods

Agriculture &
Organic Products


To spread the coconut story, unfold the healthy advantages of coconut to the entire planet and to add more value to coconut products.


To improve the image and value of Indian agriculture and Pollachi Coconut especially on the international market.


We are committed to provide only the best services to our customers and investors.

Our Strength

We use professionals who have a thorough understanding of commodity markets and familiarity with products.

We Grow with love

Our farmers cultivate best healthy coconut products

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We’re Leader in Agriculture

Coconut plays an important role in the everyday household of many. Coconut and its products have been merged into our daily life and have been a part of the culinary and cultural history of many countries like India, Indonesia, Thailand and many more.

Greeny meadows, the Pollachi coconut exporters, have been tirelessly working on producing and portraying healthy agricultural habits and a healthy living since 2012. We have been exporting 100% organic raw coconut and coconut products all over the world.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Providing high grade organic manures in a timely manner, exporting raw coconut based on their size and weight at the market rate has made Greeny Meadows the investors’ favorite and a leading coconut exporter in Pollachi.





Services We Offer


Our skilled team directly harvests mature coconuts from our farms. Before we get the produce to our warehouse, we internally sort and grade it in the farms. Once the coconuts arrive at the warehouse, they are once more carefully graded to make sure the quality is top-notch.


We use net bags or polypropylene high tensile bags. If our clients desire it, we can also help with the creation of printed bags. Our bags are machine stitched, entirely eliminating the chance of them ripping or breaking apart during delivery and transportation.

Grow Your Business With Greeny Meadows

  • 100% Natural and Organic Products
  • Best Quality Product in Industry

Coconut Product Exporters

Why Choose Greeny meadows?

  • Competitive Price

    We work hard to provide our consumers with the highest-quality goods at prices that are in line with the market.

  • Quality Packaging

    To guarantee the security of goods throughout delivery and transportation, we employ high-quality professionals and machinery.

  • Quick Delivery

    To make sure that orders are delivered within the allotted time frame, we have used cutting- edge processes and procedures.

How Can We Help?

It all started with the love for coconuts.

  • Quality raw coconuts.

  • Products such as Maize, Coir pith, onion, and copra.

  • Exceptional customer service.

  • Export raw coconut according to size & weight.

Are your coconut products purely Organic?

Yes the products we export are 100% organic.

Are Greeny Meadows Products Expensive?

No, the products are sold according to the market price at a competitive rate.

Do you deliver raw coconuts anywhere in India?

Yes, Greeny Meadows delivers fresh, raw coconuts nationally and internationally too.

What other products can we get from Greeny Meadows other than Coconut?

Yes, we produce copra, coir pith, onions as well..

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Greeny meadows Since 2012

Our Story

Established in 2012. Pioneer in coconut export. We also deal with other products like Onion, Maize, Copra & Coir pith. We do domestic trading as well as export also.

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Supporting organic farming and farmers and being true
to our clients are some of the core values of Greeny meadows

Agriculture Matters to
the Future of Development

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